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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How To Get A FREE Copy of Third Cycle Poetic Prophecy Book

Here is exactly How To Get A FREE Copy of Third Cycle Poetic Prophecy all you have to do is Click The Direct Download Link Below...

Once you Click the Link Below you will be Sent to the Secure Direct Download Page where you will be able to get a FREE PDF Copy of this Very Unusual Book of Poetry called Third Cycle Poetic Prophecy.

This book is said to Predict and Forecast all Major Global Events and More that take place from today all the way past 500 Years Into The Future! This book is also said to be from UNKNOWN Sources that include a very mysterious dark and ancient practice of Paranormal Writing called Automatic Writing. Exact Source or Sources of Inspiration for Writing this Book Remains UNKNOWN! When you get this book you will be in total shock and this will be a never to forget experience when you read everything. It will take several if not hundreds of reads of everything contained in this Unusual Book of Poetry since everything inside this book is of an Encrypted Prophetic Poetic Text format. So many new terms, meanings and ideas are all deeply hidden and scattered inside this book. Please share this Page with everyone you know!!!!


Third Cycle Poetic Prophecy: Burning of Time

Third Cycle Poetic Prophecy - Burning of Time

This is an unusual diagram that was created many years ago that demonstrates a term called Burning of Time or possible method of Time Travel. No other information has been revealed, disclosed or found regarding this crude image or claim of a possible method of Time Travel. 

Third Cycle Poetic Prophecy: New Age of Man - An Epic Video that visually and by means of unique audio and cryptic hypnotic music, images and more describes one of the  deepest and mysterious poetic texts inside this extremely unusual and mysterious book called Third Cycle Poetic Prophecy. For the first time in over 13 years of being disclosed from secrecy this video tries to explain in great visual detail exactly how it all started and how it was done. Just to make sure people do not miss what the very ending really means... the end of the video is really trying to visually explain as best as possible of how a combination of UNKNOWN Sources of Inspiration was the Ultimate reason behind the entire idea and creation of this very unusual small book of poetry. It is really up to who ever reads this book and watches this video to try to decipher and interpret a mass amount of hidden and scrambled meanings that are incredibly shocking. This video also for those who do not figure this out covers an entire time period of over 500 years into the future. This video is visually showing over 500 years of global and horrific evolutionary change from first light and Pre-Dawn Civilization of Mankind to his final grand journey to the sky after beyond the sky of nine. This video explains as best possible the three major defining moments of humanity with a Titanic Historic Series of Global Events called the Third Cycle. Also this video and entire book is also based on the main concept of A Cosmic Order of All Things.

Incredible Thanks and Shout out to the following for helping to make and create this video and for the content that was used for making this video:

Wingmakers which is an Incredible site and concept and everything! Please visit the main Wingmakers site below:

Major Credit for All Visual Video Special Effects at the End of This Video that Explains How this all happened goes to:

Liquid Buddha Studios - Please Visit their main website for Incredible Information  about their cutting edge Visual Video Special Effects Technology at:


Third Cycle Poetic Prophecy Eyes of Nostradamus Video

Third Cycle Poetic Prophecy Eyes of Nostradamus... This Videos covers even more about the Mystery of the this Unusual Book of Poetry that has been Hidden for over 11 YEARS.

Third Cycle Poetic Prophecy Main Movie Trailer

Unusual Book of Poetry hidden from public view since 2 weeks before the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks is said to Forecast the next 500 years of all major events which are scattered and hidden in 49 pages of hypnotic prophetic visual texts Quatrains of poetic verses. True Inspiration of this book Still 12 years later Remains UNKNOWN.

Third Cycle: Poetic Prophecy INTRO

I have tried to sugar coat the description of this book. Today I had another type of revelation that happen to me. It has been years since I felt this sudden rush of energy hit me. Something happen to me just before the September 11th Terrorist Attacks. I began to be cursed with swarms of cataclysmic ideas and dreams. Time it's self began to speed up as my consciousness was consumed in a deep trance. I began to compile all thoughts and images that I seen before me into poetic and prophetic verses. What you are about to see is over seven years worth of bizarre and horrific images and events that are scattered and encrypted in this book. You will understand when you get a copy of this book why I never to this day mentioned to anyone that I met in real life about. I have been told that I have been channeling this information from a paranormal source. I will let you decide. I will also advise you that the source of inspiration for writing such poetry remains UNKNOWN!